Gold Inlays

We use only the finest materials of all our custom inlays.  We purchase our gold from the largest supplier in the world, and our inlays are guaranteed to be pulled from SOLID wire, not puffed or hollow gold, like other ring makers are using.  All of our gold inlays are filled completely and guaranteed to be flush and flawless within the Titanium or Cobalt Chrome.  And since our inlays are made from solid gold wire, and hand-pounded into deep grooves, they will never lift.  

At Custom Ring Designs, we also offer 5 different types of 14k gold: 14k yellow, 14k rose, 14k green, 14k white, or 14k ultra white palladium gold.  On most rings, you choose what color gold you would like for your inlays.  This added option continues to keep our customer as close as possible to the creation process.


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