About Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome is the new platinum! 

The choice to purchase a Cobalt Chrome ring is an easy one….Cobalt Chrome is harder than platinum, 5x stronger than gold, scratch-resistant like tungsten carbide, shatter-resistant like tungsten alloy, and hypoallergenic like titanium….so you will have the best of all worlds! 

Cobalt Chrome is a bio compatible metal used in modern medical implants and is inert. Cobalt Chrome rings have a naturally luxurious bright white color that is icy and cool. Cobalt Chrome is also a non-worry, maintenance-free, it will not break, shatter, chip, fade, or tarnish, and it will never need to be plated. 

By purchasing a Cobalt Chrome ring through Custom Ring Designs, you get the added benefits of choosing your own custom options such as size, width, interior, and finish - making your Cobalt Chrome ring truly right for you. 

Most of our designs can be made using this great new metal, so if you have interest in some of our other designs made with Cobalt Chrome, please email us. 


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