About Us

Back in the day, products were made by hand, by craftsmen who took pride in what they did for a living.  They were created to last a lifetime, and they built reputations.  This philosophy was honored by your grandparents, and it is nearly extinct today.  But, at Custom Ring Designs, we still live and work with the philosphy every day, since 1986, and we would simply have it no other way.

We are proud of every ring we make, and you will be proud to wear the ring we make for you.  And rest assured, each of our rings are hand-crafted in the USA, and made with materials that are purchased from vendors located in the USA.

At Custom Ring Designs, the quality of our rings is evident from the moment you slip it on your finger.  Every ring is made from solid materials, and you can feel the difference immediately.  We hand-polish every ring, and including the inside contact point where the metal meets your finger, so your ring fits seamlessly and comfortably.  And there is no mistaking our solid hand-pounded inlays for the cheaper gold-plated inlays that so many others use.  Our inlays are made from solid gold or solid silver wire only, and hand-pounded into deep grooves, so they will never lift.

And, since our rings are truly hand-crafted, you have your choice of size, width, interior, and finish.

We welcome any questions, and look forward to creating your custom ring.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Steve McCracken